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Industry information


  With the increase of engine power and life span, the automobile production enterprises have put forward higher and higher requirements on the piston ring of the engine, especially the first compression ring. In 2008, with the rapid development of China's piston ring market, the r&d and application of the core production technology of piston ring has gradually become the focus of the industry.

The piston ring technology remains to be developed

  Beijing institute of mechanical and vehicle engineering college professor wei-zheng zhang said, deputy director of the thermal energy and power engineering in recent years, the piston ring structure change is not big, the researchers mainly in terms of material and process to explore。As with the surface coating process of piston ring, although the chemical plating method has always been in the leading position, various physical spraying new technologies have been applied gradually。In addition, the piston ring industry also draws on relevant industry technology to improve technological level, such as friction surface treatment technology。According to zhang, there are two developing trends in piston ring technology: one is steel ring.At present, the first ring of gasoline engine has been completely used in steel materials, and the proportion of the steel ring used in diesel engine is also high.Second, the piston ring height is small。When the piston ring height is small, the sealing property between piston ring and cylinder liner is strengthened, reducing the chance of oil entering the combustion chamber so as to reduce the emission pollution.

  When it comes to the prospect of new technology of piston ring, wei-zheng zhang said,, the domestic new technology of piston ring is still in the exploratory stage, though various mature technology itself, but to still need to do a lot of research on piston ring test various advantages and disadvantages of each new technology the key to solve the quality problem.

  Through the development of the future, we hope that the piston ring can do better.

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