We use advanced technology to cut out a seal groove in the middle of ball middle of ball milled founder iron piston ring. After all kinds of rub-resistant alloy materials being inlayed in the seal groove of piston ring*the rub-resistant alloy seamlessly integrates with the piston ring as a whole. As a result of the qualities of high rub resistance and good oil stockpile, the coefficient of friction has been greatly reduced. Simultaneously, the lubrication and steeling functions both are improved significantly, which making the piston rings never worn off, and the engine remains strong explosive force. This technology takes advantage of a new national patent.


Withstanding ultra-high temperature: We adopt a new technology to inlay alloy(special type of alloy) on extensional layer of gas-rings which results in piston ring withstanding ultra-high temperature andensuresitperforate excellently in such environment.

Anti-abrasion: This kind of product is three times more wear-resistant than ordinary chrome ring with strong accuse of oil ability. It significantly reduces friction coefficient and extend the engine life greatly.

Protect cylinder: The use of unique patented design films a layer of protection between the cylinder and the ring so as to substantially lower coefficient of friction, reduce engine noise, and protect engine cylinder.

Strong sealing function: In order to adapt to the changes of the temperature in cylinder, we adopt the patent materials which has the features of good thermal stability, strong anti-abrasion, and ability of maintaining excellent seal function between piston ring and cylinder during engine’s long-term work. Furthermore, it ensures the best explosive power of engine.

Be powerful: The power is considerably stronger than conventional piston rings, and it’s life time is as good as new.

Energy-saving and environmental protection: it becomes more and more essential to save energy and control the volume of exhaust. Because of the use of special technique instead of high-polluting one, the qualities of lubrication, anti-abrasion and other comprehensive performances are much stronger than conventional product as well as reduction by 8-12% in fuel consumption.

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