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Why does the piston ring leak?

The air ring in the piston ring is usually useful for the gap of air leakage, and the air leakage volume increases greatly. And the gas rushing into the back clearance and side clearance of the piston ring generates back pressure and side pressure, which further presses the ring against the cylinder wall and strengthens the sealing of the first and second sealing surfaces. However, if the elastic force of the ring is not good or the surface contacting the cylinder wall is not good, and there is a gap between the ring surface and the cylinder wall, air leakage must be carried out first. With the seal of two sealing surfaces, theoretically only the opening end of the piston ring is the only leakage channel. The opening is very small and staggered according to a certain position to form a labyrinth sealing route. After the gas passes through each gas ring opening, the pressure drops significantly and the gas leakage is very small. 1. Cause of failure 1)Piston ring groove wear. The wear of the piston groove is mainly on the lower Wei surface of the ring groove. The original chimney causing wear is the lower impact of the Air ring and the radial sliding of the piston ring in the ring groove, which reduces the sealing effect of the second sealing surface. 2)Piston ring wear. Since the material of the piston ring is not matched with the cylinder wall (The hardness of the two is too different) , Make the ring wear t after its seal becomes worse 3) When the opening gap of the piston ring passes through wo or Keng is mixed, f is not required, the sealing effect of the face ring becomes worse, the throttling effect is reduced, and the opening gap of the air leakage channel is increased. Diesel engines are larger than gasoline engines, and the first ring is bigger than the second and third rings. 4)The distribution of piston ring openings is unreasonable. In order to reduce air leakage, the throttling effect at the opening I of the ring is strengthened to make the sealing line of the ring long, so the founding of each air ring is operated as required. 5) When the engine is working, when various forces acting on the E-ring and the E-phase balance bucket are in a floating state, the radial vibration of the ring can be caused, causing the seal to fail and the circular rotation of the ring may also occur, this will change the stagger degree of the opening during installation and will also cause air leakage. 6) The piston ring is broken, glued, stuck in the ring groove, or the piston ring is installed in reverse, all of which make the first sealing surface of the ring lose sealing effect and leak air. For example, twisted and tapered rings are not installed in the ring groove as required. 7) The cylinder wall is worn or there are marks and grooves, which affect the sealing of the first sealing surface of the Air ring and cause air leakage. 2. Troubleshooting 1)One by one in the cylinder (Remove the spark plug or fuel injector)Force. A small amount of lubrication is used to check the compression pressure of the cylinder. If the compression pressure of the cylinder increases after adding lubricating oil, it is confirmed that the piston ring is not tightly sealed. 2) The hardness of the selected Air ring is appropriately larger than that of the cylinder. Using a soft piston ring will shorten the life of the ring. For the soft and hard inspection of the ring and the cylinder, the lower end edge of the cylinder and the ring can be compared with JJJ or scraping force test. 3) The opening of the speechless trace is arranged: The air rings are connected, and the air should make the rings stagger along the 1200 central angles of the circumference; If there are four, the second one should be staggered, and the second and third ones should be staggered by the third and fourth ones. This kind of opening day distribution can obtain a longer air leakage route and improve the sealing performance. Note that the opening of the ring should not be located on the force surface of the living stupid, in case of scratching the cylinder, and the opening and the piston pin hole should not be arranged on the same axis. 4) Correctly grasp the timing of changing the ring should be changed when the cylinder is worn out, the elastic force of the ring is not obviously reduced, and the engine fuel and lubricating oil are not abnormal. If the cylinder is worn within the allowable range and the gap between the cylinder is too large, replace the piston with a sound or only replace the piston ring, 'because the original piston swings frequently in the cylinder, unable to control the ton plug ring and failed again. 5) When changing the ring, the scraper should be used to scrape the 'cylinder should' and remove the carbon deposit in the ring groove. The opening of the ring should be subject to the inspection of the lower part of the cylinder. In case of being broken by' cylinder should', the ring is stuck in the ring groove by Carbon deposit and swells due to insufficient gap between the ring openings. 6) Before installing the piston ring, the entire belt and pin hole of the piston should be immersed in clean dilute lubricating oil and lubricated in advance, prevent the new piston pin from biting and the dry friction between the piston ring and the ring groove after the engine starts. 7) Improve the maintenance quality of the engine, make the opening end clearance, edge clearance and back clearance of the ring conform to the technical requirements, make the opening staggered reasonably, and strengthen the leakage photometric inspection of the ring, avoid installing the anti-O ring end gap as a straight incision, and should be flat when repairing.

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