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Piston ring clearance inspection method

Piston Ring is an important component of the 'heart' of an automobile.  It is a very high content of an automobile accessory.  Where do you start with checking the three gaps of the piston ring? Let's take a look! 

  1. Piston ring backlash refers to the clearance between piston ring and ring groove.  Check the backlash of piston ring with feeler gauge.  The backlash of new piston ring should be 0. 02-0. 05mm, wear limit value is 0. 15mm.

  2. Piston ring backlash refers to the clearance between the inner cylindrical surface of the piston ring and the bottom of the piston ring groove.

    For the convenience of measurement, the piston ring is usually loaded into the piston ring groove, which is measured by the difference between the ring groove depth and the radial thickness of the piston ring.

    During measurement, the ring falls into the bottom of the ring groove, and then the depth vernier caliper is used to measure the value of the cylindrical surface of the ring sinking into the ring Bank, which is generally 0. 10 ~ 0. 35mm.

  3. Piston Ring end clearance refers to the clearance between the piston opening after the piston is pressed into the cylinder.  During measurement, the piston ring is vertically pressed into the cylinder about 15mm, and the piston ring end clearance is checked with a feeler gauge.

    Sometimes, we often compare that person with the machine.  Of course, people can't compare with the machine.  If you just say that life is not enough, let alone efficiency.  The same machine is the same, piston Ring is an important part of the engine of the machine.  Once there is a problem, it will be troublesome.  The engine is the heart of the car, which everyone can understand, the piston ring is a small part of the engine, we also have some experience, although the parts are small, but the role is very big.

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