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Development opportunities of piston ring enterprises

The driving force for the development of piston ring technology comes from two aspects: first, the development of the whole machine promotes the technological progress of piston ring. The independent research and development level of the whole machine will be improved, and the piston ring technology will also be improved. Second, piston ring enterprises take the route of high-end technology and actively promote the application of new technology in the whole machine. Domestic piston ring enterprises basically rely on the introduction of foreign technology to improve their technical level. The technological development trend of piston ring industry in recent years is the steel material, the thin piston ring and the high-end Surface treatment. The new technology of piston ring in China is still in the exploratory stage. Although various technologies are mature, a lot of research and tests are needed to be applied to piston rings. Each new technology has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the key is to solve the quality problem. Domestic piston ring enterprises basically rely on the introduction of foreign technology to improve their technical level. As the piston ring is not only the key component of the engine, but also one of the friction parts with the most harsh working conditions in the engine, it is required that the piston ring has high anti-melting wear performance. Finding new materials and new surface treatment processes has become the main technical focus of the piston ring industry to meet the future market demand. The piston rings of traditional vehicle diesel engines generally use nodular cast iron and alloy cast iron, while the piston rings of gasoline engines generally use steel. As the vehicle engine is developing towards high reinforcement, high output power and light weight, the piston ring becomes thinner and lighter, which requires the piston ring to have high strength, in the past, steel piston rings, which were mostly used in gasoline engines, were gradually introduced into the diesel engine field, and some diesel engines began to use steel oil rings. Compared with cast iron ring, steel piston ring does not need casting process, has light weight and simple processing method. Domestic mainstream manufacturers have invested in the research and development and production of new steel rings. The proportion of steel rings used in the automotive diesel engine industry is also very high. The increase in the export volume of piston rings is an important reason for the increase in the sales volume of piston rings. Due to abundant domestic piston ring production capacity and relatively low product prices, it has attracted many enterprises from Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Russia and other countries and regions to purchase in China. In addition, enterprises in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and other countries have used China's cheap labor force to transfer the production of middle and low-grade piston rings to China. This has brought unprecedented development opportunities to Chinese piston ring enterprises.

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The piston ring is the core component of the fuel engine. It seals the fuel gas with the cylinder, piston, and cylinder wall. Piston ring functions include four functions: sealing, adjusting engine oil (oil control), heat conduction (heat transfer), and guide (support).
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First, the definition of piston ring is a kind of metal elastic ring with large outward expansion deformation, which is assembled into the section and its corresponding Annular Groove.
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