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Application of piston ring development in different fields

As the vehicle engine develops towards high strength, high output power and light weight, the piston ring becomes thinner and lighter in weight, which requires the piston ring to have high strength. In recent years, steel piston rings used in gasoline engines have been gradually introduced into the diesel engine field, and some diesel engines have begun to use steel oil rings. After the height of the piston ring becomes smaller, the tightness between the piston ring and the cylinder liner is strengthened, which can reduce the probability of engine oil entering the combustion chamber, thus reducing emission pollution. At present, thin piston rings have been gradually applied in the field of vehicle diesel engines and gasoline engines. The detection of piston ring air tightness is mostly tested by single cylinder machine, but single cylinder machine has various models, which has certain influence on the design of engine piston ring. Therefore, the design and testing of piston rings will tend to be a standard. At present, the air tightness measurement of the piston is mainly to indirectly reflect its air tightness through the leakage light between the piston ring and the standard part, so the air tightness measurement accuracy is not high. However, the above-mentioned detection method using cylinder pressure gauge and crankcase air leakage detector has relatively low accuracy, so the air tightness of piston ring will develop in a more accurate direction. In the process of piston ring air tightness detection, if only individual new piston rings are detected, the requirements for convenience and operability can be appropriately reduced. If a batch of produced piston rings are detected, that requires good convenience. Therefore, the air tightness detection of piston rings will develop towards convenience. At present, domestic ion plating TiN and TiC hard film have been widely used in knives, molds or other wear-resistant parts. In the past, motorcycle piston rings were mostly made of electroplated chrome cast iron to prolong the piston rings- The service life of the cylinder pair, but under the cyclic action of heat and mechanical load, the coating is easy to peel off. In order to prevent cylinder wear during engine running-in, the coating needs polishing. This process takes several hours, pickling and special ecological protection measures. In the early 1970s s, people had carried out electroplating process tests of iron-based and nickel-based composite materials, and applied a small amount to the engine components of small two-stroke motorcycles, ships, snowmobiles and some luxury buses. Iron-based and nickel-based composite coatings are all wear-resistant. Because nickel-based composite materials are more corrosion-resistant than iron-based composite materials, they are used to work in coatings of components in environments with high methanol content. However, with the increase of working temperature, the hardness of the nickel-based composite coating will be reduced, which is one of its biggest disadvantages.

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The piston ring is the core component of the fuel engine. It seals the fuel gas with the cylinder, piston, and cylinder wall. Piston ring functions include four functions: sealing, adjusting engine oil (oil control), heat conduction (heat transfer), and guide (support).
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